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What Is My Future?

If you keep wondering what 'may come to pass', or you wish that you might know if there is a better chance of you finding love today, or tomorrow, then look to an excellent forecast astrology, numerology or tarot reading. With your own empowering reading you will learn what it is that help you to achieve your goals, financially, romantically, or career-wise.

Find your possible outcome with our most detailed forecast readings. Choose from our selection of Numerology Readings, Astrology Readings or Tarot Readings. Below we have indicated our most popular forecast reports in each area. Forecasting with Astrology and Numerology can empower you to really 'get on' with your life and to start living, or moving in a different direction.


Starting with Numerology, which we consider a specialty, you will find our Numerology Forecast Report to be incredibly detailed and accurate covering monthly detail, trimester (or 4 month highlights), the current year (the tone for the year ahead), and your personal Numerology Essence: your personal name calculation that looks at the year ahead for you from Physical/Mental, Emotional and Spiritual viewpoints.

Yearly Forecast Numerology

The most detailed Numerology forecast reading you will find anywhere. Based on your personal numbers derived from both your birth date, and your birth certificate name (Essence Number) for the year, and including powerful intuitive guidance based on the tarot.

Gain deep insight into what works best for you in the year ahead, from what type of romantic relationships may come about to what to expect career & money wise. 

Professional Numerology Our professional numerology reading also includes 18 months of monthly forecasts and 3 years of yearly forecasts as well as your detailed Pinnacles/Challenges for your entire life. Get a good idea of your personal 'cycles' and what may lie ahead for you based on your numbers.


Astrology readings give an excellent indication of forecasting direction, as long as they are based on accurate and reliable birth information. We've added a new reading to the mix (Birthday Report). The favorite for our customers is Sky Log and is one of the best. If you prefer Solar Return information have a look at our Solar Return forecast, and if you wish to get a good idea of what the months ahead might be like where you are living now (or somewhere else) our Astro*Carto*Graphy (astrology map) reading can provide specifics. 

Birthday Report

Our brand new Astrology Birthday Report will look at your Solar Return and even let you know possible cities you should visit on your birthday to help 'set the intention' for your year ahead - great, and now with new Tarot card references throughout the astrology reading you will really feel empowered.

Sky Log A best selling forecast reading written by Steven Forrest, you will love his unique and light hearted style and how he magically speaks to you directly about what is coming in the short term, and long term as far as your Astrological cycles are concerned.
Astro*Talk  A natal report that also includes great life cycle forecast information. It's like getting 2 reports in one. This excellent report includes a unique 'Burn Rate' calculation that let's you know how fast, or slow changes may be coming for you.
 Solar Return Edgard Cayce had the greatest respect for Solar Return calculations, especially when they are done with precessed planetary calculations. This reading by Ray Merriman (an expert on the Solar Return) covers nearly 40 pages and will give you loads of details on what may come in the year ahead.  We give you 2 full reports to make sure you have your birthday covered by the reading which may indicate how you might want to spend your birthday to help further your goals.
Life Progressions Are you looking for a detailed one year Astrology Progression? Life Progressions will fill you in on all of the details, by progressing your birth chart by a day at a time (equalling one year in your life).


If you are looking for an overall What's Ahead reading our Tarot readings can fulfill your every needs. With our large selection of 'focus areas' you are able to pinpoint exactly what you want to find out more of; for next month, next year, or for even more.

Yearly Zodiac Tarot Reading

Gain valuable insight into the next 12 months with this great Tarot Reading based on the Astrological Zodiac. Find details for each month. Select specific focus areas (6 Focus Groups and 32 detailed topics) 

*Remember that we do not predict or forecast the future, instead use these readings as signposts, or guidelines of what may come to pass - many of our customers have found that the symbolic meanings of the readings are excellent for helping to find direction.  More information and links to our readings appear below.
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