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YOUR LIFE PATH (what it means):
We will begin your reading with your Life Path Number. This number is one of the most important numbers in your chart since it indicates the path through this life you should take to fulfill your destiny. This number indicates which goals or pursuits are best for you, the positive assets you have and the talents you have for achieving them as well as a section no how to best follow your own unique path. Rather than point out negative traits or possibilities we have instead focussed on the positive aspects in each section so that you can accentuate them to help you realize your goals in this lifetime. This four main sections are indicated as follows:
  • Your Life Path
    This section explains what your true purpose is and summarize some of the methods that you may use to achieve your purpose. Note that these sections are written in the future tense and will apply most to those who are actually following the path that they were born into in this life. If you are not following the path than the information will not be as appropriate for finding immediate personal traits (and the Planes of Expression should be used instead), but it can still be used for helping you understand and realize the true potential that is possible if the Life Path will be followed.
  • Your Positive Assets
    This section indicates what you may be life if you are truly following your path in it's most positive respects. It can help you determine changes or new goals to pursue when trying to decide on a change in your career or goals. 
  • Your Talents
    This section indicates which talents are most valuable to you as you learn to follow your path. If you are following your path and you can apply these talents than you would be living as a truly positive person as listed under the Positive Assets section. The section also indicates some potential career field choices which would be important to you for pursuing your life path. 
  • Following the Path
    In this section we present positive reflections and affirmations for you that will help you overcome any negativity or bad habits which could be part of your personality. Rather than pointing out the specific negative aspects, we present the positive reflections of them here as a way to help you grow and learn without any limitations or apprehensions of negativity.

We all learn and grow at our own pace, and we are all somehow intricately linked together as we proceed toward our own unique goals. Each Life Path is unique in some way when all of the numbers are considered. The essential qualities of the Life Path indicated below will provide you with the true potentiality for the Life Path that you should be following as your Date of Birth has determined. If you pursue this path it will be most rewarding and exciting, but if you do not, there may be even more troubles and issues blocking your path which try to steer you back toward your true destiny. May you find your own path within the talents and assets listed below in Peace and Fulfillment.

Your main purpose in this life is to realize your potential for success and power through generosity as you work with the creativity and abundance and inner spirit to formulate your own ideals. You have a challenge in this lifetime to accept your success with a spirit of sharing. There is a need for you to put trust in your inner-self in this life. You must learn to be confident in your sills and creative energies which are highly developed, and to bring them forward into the Earthly world. You have a delicate and highly imaginative spiritual sense about you and you are known for seeking the truth: you like to get tot he root of the mysteries of life by searching the depths of your own consciousness and hidden knowledge. You have a find intellectual mind that requires some time by itself for contemplation. You are quite lucky and your seem to find or attract the money you need to live from your creative energy. You have a highly creative mind and a very strong intelligence: others may think of you as brilliant, and you are! Remember to combine your mind with your strong drive for success and manifestation in the material world and you will truly create a miracle. You will come to crate the kind of life you enjoy living and it will make you happy and joyous, fulfilled and spirited and of great service to others. You will come to enjoy the great praise and resect that others have for you because you have learned to follow through with every success toward a higher spiritual purpose.

You are brilliant: intuitive, creative and expressive. You work at bringing these powers into alignment with your intuitive skills when you are at your most positive. You have learned to place trust in letting the divine power of this world direct the things that happen in your life. This spiritual uncovering allows you to become powerful and abundant as you follow your path.

Your extremely high creative intelligent and desires to be successful match perfectly for distinctive positions such as researcher, business executive or airline pilot. You could also be happy in professional sports if you so desire. You have a mind for working with creativity and exploring your own intuition so you will also enjoy position like promoter, civil engineer, architect or efficiency expert. You will eventually come to use your own mind matched with the power and success you are imbued.

You are expressive and creative as you work to create the successful reality that you imagine. You will come to learn the valuable lesson of trust as you must be accepting of others on your way to the top. By doing this you will apply the unique powers of success and ambition matched with creativity, confidence and intuitive awareness. As you learn to share yourself with others you have complete faith in your own abilities and you will learn to share what you have you will realize when you may be trying to control someone, rather than help them. You are known for being intelligent and deep and you have learned to inspire others along the was as you follow your unique path.

Click here to order a Pro reading, this sample from our 30 Page Professional Numerology Reading sample.
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