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Numerology Existence Number Sample

Note that this page is taken from our Professional Readings.

YOUR EXISTENCE NUMBER (what it means):
This number is calculated by the addition of your Foundation Number and your Full Expression number (which is not used for analysis, but is made up of all the letters of your birth certificate name). While your Foundational number represents the Foundation of the opportunities, and lessons (the true goal) you are to learn in this lifetime, your Existence number indicates how you might go about achieving these goals: the talents and characteristics of your unique personality that you will find helpful in accomplishing these goals.

As you journey through your life and experience all the joys and fears of accomplishing your goals you may come to find that the type of interests that you have, and the way in which you interact with others (in your Existence) affects how you work to reach your goal (or Foundation) in this life. Your Existence number can be seen as a supporting energy as you think and react each day. Think of it often, and remember that your Foundational Number is your purpose/goal in this life, while your Existence number is the tools/abilities that you have been given; the exceptional skills, talents or personality that you will most likely choose to work with while achieving your goal (Foundation).

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