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Virgo Sign of Zodiac - August 24 - September 22

They are in constant motion, usually due to their abundant nervousness and worries. They must work to find a positive outlet for this energy so that it does not cause a restlessness. Tension can become a problem for the discriminating Virgoan if they do not spend extra time relaxing and trying to avoid their over-analytical, critical and practical ways.

Take a look below for how each planet in this sign is interpreted when reading an astrological chart:


(principles in a reading)


Read the text below for the Planet you are looking up with this Sign, note that the Sun sign is always shown first, and that this planet indicates the "sign" that most people refer to when asking 'what's your sign'. But to get an even deeper interpretation it is necessary to plot ALL of the planets in the chart, and read each planets interpretation according to which sign (and house) they fall in to.


These people are generally meticulously neat and with an eye for detail and for anything that may be out of place. They generally have very high personal standard for themselves and for others, in fact they may try to impose their own standards onto others. They generally enjoy helping others and they may have a need to justify their own existence by some form of work that is of service to others. They may be highly critical of themselves and of others.


A Moon in Virgo generally indicates a very creative, yet a practical sense. These individuals are usually clever with their hands, and they tend to be picky and inclined to nag at others. They may need to do this to help prevent from building up nervous energy inside of themselves so they should not always be held to blame for their critical actions. They may have a deep interest in health and hygiene and they may pay attention to their own diet. They are usually neat (though this can work in the opposite and sometimes they will be complete messes), tidy and methodical about how they do things. They have a good business sense, and are usually emotionally inhibited (or shy), which others may mistake for coldness.


(Mind, intellect)
Highly intelligent and with a patience to learn techniques that are intricate and delicate, this person always needs a mental outlet for her/his deep creative energies. They may be a tendency to criticize, but often this is in a constructive manner, rather than destructive. They also love to categorize and they enjoy any type of work that lets them classify things or do research. They usually have a satirical sense of humor that stems from an ability to see weaknesses in themselves, and in others.


(Love, affection)
Often very attractive people someone with Venus in Virgo is usually attentive to their own grooming and look sat all times. They may have a habit of criticizing the appearance of others. They dislike things that are messy or dirty and they usually love to gossip as long as there is some mental stimulation since they avoid malicious chatter that results in nothing being said. They are passionate, romantic and practical especially in money matters. They may be too worried about health issues and they may have a tendency to become hypochondriacs if they are not careful.


(Physical energy)
These individuals are often deeply concerned about business. They love to be employed and may find it hard to relax as this makes them feel guilty that they are not accomplishing something or making themselves useful. They may be perfectionists, and nothing generally meets their won high standards, so there is usually a need to learn to let things go. They have a strong urge to be assertive, but may lack direction in how to make use of it without upsetting others. They work well with intricate details when needed.


(Expansion, growth)
These people generally have a strong sense of duty that should try to avoid being smug and arrogant which is how it can be seen sometimes. They are overly concerned about he world and other people in it. They may question the traditional religious doctrines and work hard at finding their own solutions that please them. They may have to be shown how to enjoy leisure while they are working, and they usually have great faith in their own ability and are prepared to put in the effort required in any task that comes up.


(Limitation, control)
Practicality and efficiency are most important for these individuals. They may live for their work, or even become workaholics if they are not careful. They have a sense of duty and responsibility that suits them best to managerial positions, yet they can be overly critical in their judgement of others at times and they should try to learn to be tolerant as much as possible. They may be very upset, especially over personal failure and they have a sense of seriousness that usually lacks humor and could cause them isolation, lost friendships and possibly lead to loneliness if they do not learn to be more tolerant and caring for others.


These people are true innovators. They love to discover and work with new ideas and methods. They may find it difficult to work with a routine or even follow a schedule. They are sometimes irrational and inconsistent in their outlook and they may offend others who are more sensitive. They may enjoy following the latest health fad or new diet that comes around. They have a tendency to be wanderers who roam from job to job since they love change and to explore.


These people may be easily taken advantage of. They may have a service first mentality and ethics that demands that they always serve others, even those who are undeserving, and even if it means that they have to neglect their own needs. They may seek out equality and justice or an irrational urge to be kind and good and share with others, and this could end up spoiling their lives. They may be confused over working methods, or be workaholics, or they may even feel inadequate about their own standards of efficiency.


(Physical energy)
These individuals are truly obsesses about working methods or they may be concerned with reforming society. They have a talent for finding things out. They may be known for paying attention to even the tiniest details and they are attentive to every detail as they determine how they can use each piece of information. They may be prone to physical exhaustion because of overwork and they may also take an interest in alternative medicine or become addicted to following any new form of diet that becomes available.
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