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Taurus Sign of Zodiac - April 21 - May 20

They are extremely reliable as well as stable, secure and responsible. This sign demands a secure environment, both emotionally as well as physically: they also have a strong need for material things or possessions. There is usually a great deal of common sense with this sign, but very little adaptability or desire to change.

Take a look below for how each planet in this sign is interpreted when reading an astrological chart: 


(principles in a reading)


Read the text below for the Planet you are looking up with this Sign, note that the Sun sign is always shown first, and that this planet indicates the "sign" that most people refer to when asking 'what's your sign'. But to get an even deeper interpretation it is necessary to plot ALL of the planets in the chart, and read each planets interpretation according to which sign (and house) they fall in to.


They are patient, pleasant and almost impossible to make angry. This person is usually placid and determined, adverse to change and obstinate to try new things or change. They are great lovers of comfort and they may over-indulge on themselves from time to time. They are particularly good with finances and these people generally do well in business.


Lovers of luxury those with their Moon in Taurus will go to great lengths to achieve the comfort that they desire, especially in the home. They dislike change and prefer familiarity and stability. Emotionally they are very loyal, especially as a family partner, they will sometimes stubbornly persist at something even ignoring great difficulties that might arise. They prefer security more than anything and they pursue this stability with determination throughout their life.


(Mind, intellect)
These people love to be prepared for anything to happen. They don't like pleasant surprises at all and they may even develop their intuition so that they are always aware. They take their decisions very seriously and they usually make up their mind slowly after great deliberation. Once they have made up their mind they will refuse to change their opinions. Their concentration is good and they have a rich and stable sense of humor.


(Love, affection)
Often sensually beautiful these people generally are extremely loyal and their affections can sometimes be possessive. Their sense of touch is important and they enjoy the feel of rich fabrics as much as physical contact with other people. Money is a necessity for them, for they usually have luxurious tastes. Over-indulgence could be a problem for them. Music and art may hold a strong appeal, especially in later years.


(Physical energy)
Generally slow but sure, those with Mars in Taurus have a tremendous inner drive that forces them to complete any task. They rarely give up at anything, even if the odds are highly against them. They are both practical and honest, and they tend to be outspoken, even if it hurtful to others. Usually strongly desiring sex they may seek out a partner as a practical necessity. They may be extremely jealous as well as impulsively generous toward others.


(Expansion, growth)
Material possessions are important to these people as they seek a tangible proof to their success and well-being.; Their love of opulence and wealth makes them buy expensive clothing. They prefer to eat out usually , rather than at home. They are usually warm and very friendly though there is a tendency for them to make others feel like they are owned an smothered by their over-protective attitude and thoughts.


(Limitation, control)
Seeking a life that is made up of firm foundations in every department. They are not afraid to work, and work hard. They may even take on menial jobs that are quite easy to do, especially if it adds security to their lives. They may be somewhat selfish and they like to setup rules which others are expected to follow. Often they may be stuck in a rut through a need for routine and order. They may be miserly with their money.


Those with Uranus in Taurus rarely make attempts to save money. They know how to attract it any time they need it, in fact, they tend to be careless about possessions and will easily give everything away sometimes. They may find unusual methods of earning a living and they are usually ready to learn new skills or techniques at any age. Some may even be willing to give up their own personal security in order to gain new experience.


With Neptune in Taurus this person is usually a firm believer in religious or spiritual experiences. They may seek out spiritual experiences, especially if the experiences feature a provable outcome. They may give up their material possessions to live as a recluse if Neptune is prominently featured in the chart. They are idealistic and impractical at times. They love their fellow citizen. These people generally have a strong appreciation of art and beauty.


(Physical energy)
Not lacking in determination or willpower those with Pluto in Taurus are likely to build up a financial empire. This person is usually likely to stick to a project to the very end, even if it is unsuccessful. Personal relationships may suffer as these people tend to put others into categories of their own liking. They may be overly concerned with human rights and with caring for others, especially if it is in regard to the sharing of wealth or money.
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