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Libra Sign of Zodiac - September 23 - October 23

They are the symbol of deep symbolic meaning. The need for balance and harmony is their highest demand. They must have a harmonious and peaceful environment free of pressure and arguments in order for them to be happy. They may sometimes even sacrifice their own beliefs to make peace in situations which demand it and they give in quite easily to the pressures from others. When confronted with a problem they may stew over the decision rather than deciding to commit one way or the other.

Take a look below for how each planet in this sign is interpreted when reading an astrological chart:


(principles in a reading)


Read the text below for the Planet you are looking up with this Sign, note that the Sun sign is always shown first, and that this planet indicates the "sign" that most people refer to when asking 'what's your sign'. But to get an even deeper interpretation it is necessary to plot ALL of the planets in the chart, and read each planets interpretation according to which sign (and house) they fall in to.


They function best in partnership and they may even lack motivation without some type of partner to arouse an interest in them. They are objective, impartial and capable of stepping outside of a situation even when they are closely involved themselves. Though they are generally diplomatic and tactful, they can also be rudely honest, usually to another's a disadvantage. They are good at negotiation and manipulation even though they are reluctant to speak up for themselves (and would rather have someone guide them) when the situation arises.


Highly sociable these people are very good company. Their appearance is usually very important to them and they are aware of the social graces. They are often very indecisive and they prefer other people to help them when possible. Peace and harmony are most vital to their own well-being. There is a love of music, movement (dance) or they may even be very artistic themselves. They have a lot of charm which they use to their advantage when possible. Yet, in personal relationships they are very indecisive and moody.


(Mind, intellect)
Good at compromising there is a tendency with Mercury in Libra to veer toward moderation in all things. They are not prone to take chances, and every decision is weighed very carefully before they act. Although they can be sociable if they need to, they do need some solitude. Often they are very creative, they may have a flair for design. They are diplomatic, and can speak well on the behalf of others, but if they desire something themselves they may manipulate other in subtle ways to get what they want.


(Love, affection)
Venus in Libra generally indicates a cool elegant and lightheartedness. These people are social graces who love to attend parties as frequently as possible. They are charming and usually attractive, they are usually an asset at any social gathering. They may marry someone for money or positions, love alone rarely sways them, and they greatly appreciate the material things that money can buy. Often they are very talented, they are generally artistic or they tend to follow artistic professions. They are adverse to commitment and it causes them to retreat from arguments as much as possible.


(Physical energy)
These subjects do their best work in the company of others as long as they are allowed to be the leader. They may enjoy competition but are very bad losers. They are always ready to speak out against injustice, they make worthy champions for any cause. Decision making though can cause them to become moody because they tend to see both sides of any questions, and they are usually reluctant to take advice from another. In romance they love to play the field rather than to be tied down to one person.


(Expansion, growth)
These individuals feel that they are on a spiritual path that involves others in every relationship. They find meaning in every nuance and aspect of partnerships of all kinds. They have a great appreciation of beauty, art or music and it is often very important to them or they may have a strong talent for an artistic field. They can be very persuasive and make others feel good in their company. They are often very clever at organizing very large functions that they love to attend.


(Limitation, control)
An unusually sense of truth and honor sets these people apart from others. They make perfect partners usually, either romantic or otherwise. They are usually extremelly faithful and loyal, even where there are daffodillies, but they may take time forming personal relationships as they demand that everything be exactly right before they will become involved. They are quite good at negotiation and they work well in the public, especially at tasks that involve organization. They do well at any form of delegation and are happy at it.


Uranus in Libra indicates a strongly inventive mind that is close to genius. These people are generally great companions who are usually well sought out. They are never at a loss for words and they may tend to dominate a conversation. They may have some hesitation about commitment, especially in personal relationships. Their expectations are usually very high as they expect everyone to share in their sheer love of excitement for the world.


There is a tendency toward escapism with this planetary arrangement. Also these people tend to place their partners on pedestals or they may expect to be placed there themselves. They are extremely idealistic and usually they are drawn towards groups; sometimes even groups that lack a true purpose as the idealism of Neptune may interfere with the decision making Libran. They may also lack a true will power and this person probably finds it extremely difficult making decisions. They tend toward glamorous professions that will likely attract this type of personality.


(Physical energy)
These individuals have a natural ability for counselling and they seem to understand the psychology of others very well. They are not afraid to speak their minds either, especially over any form of injustice which they see. They are usually very strong -willed and they should be wary of trying to manipulate others for their own sake of power. When they are in difficult relationships these people usually have no hesitation at all over ending the relationship without any remorse.
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