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Leo Sign of Zodiac - July 23 - August 23

They love organization and control in their lives. They hate to see any ability wasted and they are usually highly ambitious and original. They may assume they know everything and this fault can be a painful one later in life. They have a dogmatic sense about them and they must work to cultivate and keep their minds flexible and to respect the opinions of others. Their character is usually warm and generous, though they have a deep curiosity to understand others.

Take a look below for how each planet in this sign is interpreted when reading an astrological chart:


(principles in a reading)


Read the text below for the Planet you are looking up with this Sign, note that the Sun sign is always shown first, and that this planet indicates the "sign" that most people refer to when asking 'what's your sign'. But to get an even deeper interpretation it is necessary to plot ALL of the planets in the chart, and read each planets interpretation according to which sign (and house) they fall in to.


These people are usually master of the dramatic entrance. They love to be the center of attention, and they may feel like thy were born to be kings and rule over others. They may even expect to be waited on by others and they are rarely known for working menial or manual labor jobs. They intend on marrying a boss or similar person in control. They may be someone arrogant with their superior attitude but their general nature of congeniality makes them a favorite sometimes, especially if they are in their own concepts of standing out in a crowd and being original: which they succeed at very well.


Pride may be a deep personal issue for these subjects. They have deep felt emotions and they need to feel like they are praised in their work and other aspects, and that they have earned the respect of those whom they work for. Their personal feelings may be magnified and their may be some degree of self-deceit in their attitude. This may be ok, as long as they do not get too carried away. They may be somewhat lazy or indulgent, and have the harmful expectations of achieving something for nothing.


(Mind, intellect)
These individuals show a talent for organization, and they may have to be careful to remember to honor and respect the feelings of others as well. They may be rather boastful and not at all reluctant to talk about their achievements and accomplishments, as they love to talk about anything that makes them feel pride for themselves. They may be very opinionated and not easily influence, though they have a concentrated energy that tis required to complete projects. Their charm and vigor helps them achieve a high level of popularity.


(Love, affection)
These people have an aura of glamor and classiness about them, and they love being in it. They may have a nice sense of humor, but they truly enjoy receiving the attention that makes them feel honored. They are usually extremely loyal to their friends and family and they will defend themselves against criticism and are always ready to fight about any injustice that they are quite good at pointing out. They need to feel like they are receiving gratitude for the work they do and the kindness that they radiate or they may feel unloved and unwanted with their deep feelings of personal achievement.


(Physical energy)
They are usually very passionate and attractive in physic al features. They feel like they were born to be noticed by others and they are good at using their own personal charisma and charm on others. They have a courage in their own convictions and ideas which drives them on. They value their own pride and they are usually natural leaders, with a strong desire to \succeed. At home they may try to dominate their partners.


(Expansion, growth)
Everything needs to be dramatic and glamorous for these individuals who crave attention. They are proud and vain about everything from their own family to the purchases that they make. They always have to have things and be things that are better than others. They are good company and they can bee humored, and their charming sensibility usually makes them highly sought after. They may ignore problems, as long as they are living in luxury and security. They may seek out fame, or try to get near to famous people as their craving for glamour and style is rarely satisfied.


(Limitation, control)
These people hold themselves in deep esteem and they may be afraid to show that they are human. They may deliberately cut out those who are close to them, and they may even reject opportunities for satisfying relationships as they are so extremely hard working and responsible. They are generally successful in business and they quickly gain respect from others and recognition for the work that they do. They may be somewhat emotionally withdrawn as they feel the barriers of leadership and responsibility to be too great to stay close to others: they should be careful to watch out for these feelings, as isolation can result.


They are highly creative people who often find more than a source of income in their work. They are not afraid to try out new ideas, techniques and to change their attitudes if they need to. They are extremely adaptable, and caring for others, as well as eager to change. Their love children and when it comes to romance it may be erratic and involve many issues of freedom as well as a desire to please others and serve others even more than themselves, especially if this brings praise and respect.


These individuals may have illusions of grandeur which shield them from the real world. They often prefer to live in a fantasy world of their own making. They may be theatrical, artistic and usually dramatic in their approach to life. They may have a child-like charm about them that may appear as helpless and appealing, or they may suffer from a sense of martyr that causes them to thing that they should work to save everyone around them.


(Physical energy)
These people have a strong sense of self-worth that may turn into arrogance and a desire to control the lives of others if they are not careful. It is hard to present any other opinion to these people who may feel threatened by their own personal charm and authoritative nature. They expect others to treat them well and to always respect them, even if they do not always deserve it! They generally have a strong love of nature, and they may become involved in power struggles with their partners and close friends as they are reluctant to compromise on any issue.
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