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Aries Sign of Zodiac - March 21 - April 20

They want to stand out from the crowd and be successful. They are uncomplicated, direct and able to cope with many problems with a straightforward approach that allows them to achieve their goals. They have an uncanny ability to clearly see the essential elements of important decisions before they make them.

Take a look below for how each planet in this sign is interpreted when reading an astrological chart:


(principles in a reading)


Read the text below for the Planet you are looking up with this Sign, note that the Sun sign is always shown first, and that this planet indicates the "sign" that most people refer to when asking 'what's your sign'. But to get an even deeper interpretation it is necessary to plot ALL of the planets in the chart, and read each planets interpretation according to which sign (and house) they fall in to.


An enthusiastic leader of men that often rushes in without thinking. Impulsive and impatient and without a lack of courage, they may be blunt and tactless, needing to consider others more. Sometimes they can be selfish and they thrive on competition. They have a child-like openness and honesty that often helps them through any situation. May have many minor accidents since they are frequently 'in a rush'.


High spirited and quick-tempered, this is a very emotional position. Not inclined to listen to advice from others, even though they are eager to 'give it out'. They react to any form of criticism in a personal manner. Anger may blind them from understanding. They rarely hold grudges and they are prone to fulfilling their own sudden whims as much as possible. A strong need for action and haste and a very quick temper can be a problem here. The emotional energy is very strong here and needs to be channeled.


(Mind, intellect)
An extremely quick thinker who like to be first with new ideas. Very outspoken, but often annoyingly right. They enjoy debate and arguing with others. They tend to challenge others, just for the sake of the challenge and they often don't continue the provocation for long. They may lack patience, and will always try taking shortcuts, sometimes with disastrous results, even though they are good at laughing at their own mistakes.


(Love, affection)
A strong romantic in which feelings are aroused easily. This person may still be reluctant to settle down and be 'tied to one person'. These people are good at verbalizing their emotions to others which they can share with candid honesty. They are usually attractive and popular and very concerned with their own feelings (rather than the feelings of others). They may spend money 'like water'!


(Physical energy)
High on physical energy and self-assertive, these people need a physical outlet for their restless energy. THey waste little time in making decisions, and they are always ready to accept any type of physical challenge. They have natural leadership qualities, and usually a strong enthusiasm which makes it easy for others to follow them. They have trouble maintaining their interests on a specific task for long periods of time.


(Expansion, growth)
Although these people are usually self-centered, they tend to have a high integrity and morality. They tend to be 'smug' and overly self-confident in their own achievements. They are generally quite imprudent financially and tend to be lucky. They have a broad-minded tolerance for others and a great sense of humor which makes them popular.


(Limitation, control)
They carry their independent attitude around them and tend to be lonely characters. Others may find these people 'unapproachable', even though they have a great need for companionship. Often they are successful in the business world, but work may be their only consolation. They are not influenced easily by others and rarely take advice. They are careful and overly cautious and need to learn to relax and let go.


There is a strong drive toward freedom with this person and an uncanny knack of being able to understand the real truth. They are usually outspoken and blunt and are rarely afraid of taking any chances. They seek out change for change sake, and are always able to produce new ideas and interests, since they are rarely bored. These people are frantically busy.


Experts at getting their own way, these people use guile to take advantage and frequently add to the effect by pretending to be upset or tearful about the situation. They tend to desire to be a martyr and can sometimes be their own worst enemy. They need to learn to step outside of a situation and they are naturally drawn toward spiritual experiences. They may be quite psychic or born with extended knowledge.


(Physical energy)
Strong willpower in these people creates a formidable personality that has the spirit of a pioneer. This pioneer knows that barriers need to be broken and frontiers crossed regardless of the obstacles. They have a great ability to sway others, and so they should work on their responsibility toward others as well. They are never afraid of hard work, as they tend to push beyond their natural limits for the sake of completing a task.
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